Raw Cacao is a powerful antioxidant that increases circulation to the brain. It also contains a plethora of compounds that are responsible for the blissful euphoria most commonly associated with feeling ‘in love’. These compounds include anandamide, phenthylamine, seratonin and dopamine. Cacao is also considered the highest whole food source of magnesium, which helps muscles to relax and is often deficient in the western diet.


When honoured with sincere intention in a ritual setting, Cacao creates a feeling of openness in the heart and greater clarity in the mind. As a result we are able to reflect on our thoughts, patterns and behaviours from a more liberated and unconditioned state of consciousness and receive powerful insights about our life experiences and how we can best align with our optimal vision for a healthy and inspired life. 

Cacao Ceremony

Somatic Integration works with holistic health coaching to establish clear intentions, to uncover or address limiting beliefs and traumas, and to align with optimal states of vitality and health.


Somatic therapeutics are then offered to support the reprogramming of sub-conscious patterning. This practice includes Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Massage and Sound Healing to support the bodies natural healing response, and a deeper connection to our innate state of health and peace.

Holistic Health Coaching and Somatic Integration 

Our voice is an ancient technology, evolved as a tool of intention. Connecting to your unique voice as a sound healing practice can bring forth inspiring transformation and insight.

Vocal embodiment coaching includes simple and effective methods for vocal sound healing and includes; vocal embodiment practices, shamanic practices, yogic movement, breath work, tantric practices, toning, mantra, song, sound healing and self inquiry.

Vocal Embodiment Coaching

The Jade Egg originates from Taoist practices for cultivating sexual power over 5000 years ago. It’s simple to use and the benefits are huge.


  • more intense orgasm, radiant vitality and sexual confidence.

  • stronger internal grip during penetrative sex

  • increases natural lubrication and can support hormonal balance.

  • reduced symptoms of incontinence

  • reducing the risk of or treating uterine prolapse

  • reducing the risk of leakage and promoting healing after vaginal childbirth

  • Supports healing of sexuality on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels

Jade Egg Mastery

Our health, immunity, longevity, creativity, joy and confidence are all intimately connected to our sexuality. This 28 day course is a deeply supported dive into powerful practices for female sexual health and vitality. Investing in the personal guidance this course offers, allows for your unique process to be fully honoured and for more advanced practices to be learnt and integrated than with group events.

This course includes:

*Four personal coaching sessions - in person or on-line
*Guided meditation and embodiment mp3 and video files for healing, aligning and creating with sexual energy.
*28 daily Luna attunement cards, for connecting to your personal and the collective moon cycles

Revolutionary Sexuality Women's Course

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