• Sophia Ocean Fairweather

Cacao Ceremonies for Women

I have been very aware of a deep calling at this time to support the development of sisterhood. As women, when we come together to honour the beautiful and challenging aspects of the feminine we can create a authentic community that nurtures the growth, passion and freedom of expression of each sister. There is something truly magical that is activated when women unify forces! By working with the sacred plant medicine, Cacao, in a ceremonial space we can drop deeper into our "Heart - Mind - Womb connection” and unite these fundamental aspects of womenhood. I am offering a 3 part Cacao Ceremony Series for us to more profoundly release trauma around the feminine and for us to cultivate the respect and empowerment needed to align with the feminine gifts of wild creativity, unconditional nurturing and sensual embodiment. These ceremonies will include breath work, guided meditation, yoga, sound healing, free movement and drinking of the highest quality ceremonial cacao. Saturday October 15th Reclaiming Sacred Essence, Redefining Boundaries Saturday November 26th Rebirthing The Feminine, Nurturing Sisterhood Friday December 30th Cultivating 'The Creatress', Seeds for the New Year. Exploring the Bliss Alchemy of the Maiden, Mother, Crone. Please register by messaging me on Facebook $35 or $30 when you bring a friend or $90 for all three ceremonies Please feel free to ask me any questions!


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