• Sophia Ocean Fairweather

Tantric Cacao Ceremonies

These ceremonies explore the balance between the Masculine and Feminine forces within, while working with the sensually stimulating and heart opening powers of cacao. Both Ceremonies utilize breath work, tantric meditations, partner 'energy play', soundhealing, massage and free movement to cultivate and dance this sacred union of energies through the body, improving health, vitality, embodied awareness, communitcation, creativity and joy. The first ceremony, Friday November 11th, is open to men and women to experience tantra in a healthy and respectful community container. The second ceremony, Saturday December 3rd is just for couples to strengthen their connection through the powerful principles of tantra and the heart opening effects of ceremonial cacao. A ceremony is $35 or $30 each when you bring a friend/partner. Please feel free to ask me any questions and register with me through a facebook message.


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