• Sophia Ocean

Power Struggles

There are many ways we can loose our power in a world that is hungry for connection and full of dis-ease from our attempts to function in the doctrine of separation.

A lack of reverence for our symbiotic relationship to all life perpetuates destructive behaviour, where our personal power feeds a reality that inhibits our ability to thrive.

When we create safe, nourishing environments the opposite phenomena happens; instead of not feeling enough and constantly drained we can reconnect to the abundant flow of love that is our healthiest and truest state of existence.

For the feminine to flourish it is essential to be in a supportive and nurturing environment. If we observe Nature we are shown the importance of sharing our gifts for all eco-systems to regenerate.

We are nature and by taking time to honour the importance of sacred sisterhood we establish an essential shift away from our current cultural paradigm of competition, judgement, disrespect and struggle.

As women we hold the gift of birthing life and when we come together and unify our creative vision there is a powerful alchemy that inspires each women to emanate their love in a way that is beneficial for all. We live at a time where huge shifts need to be made to ensure humanities survival and none of us can do this alone. It is important for us to take time in nature, in community to heal, restore and reawaken our sacred connection to life and our ability to make inspiring, integral, loving choices for the future we are co-creating.


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