• Sophia Ocean

Cleansing Water Ritual

Light two candles in your bathroom, one to symbolize everything you would like to release at this time, taking a few centred breathes to embodying the feeling of letting go as you light the first candle.

Then light the second candle to symbolize everything you wish to call into your life, taking a few breathes to bring vitality to the feeling of receiving your intension fully.

Feel free to play some music that inspires you.

Step under your shower and take some deep breaths to acknowledge the purifying powers of the water, giving thanks for the water and the sacred temple of your body. Gently place you hands on your face and take a few breaths to create a beautifully compassion connection between your hands and your face. Take time to tenderly touch and connect to every part of your body especially any places where you experience numbness, pain, judgement or shame. Allow yourself the time to reclaim your unique beauty and to feel the glorious gift your senses. Feel free to sigh, tone, speak or sing as a way to support the feeling of relief and belonging in your body.

When you are ready take 3 full breathes to fill your whole body with gratitude and then blow out the candles and acknowledge any transformations that may have happened for you. Feel free to journal about your experience as a way to further integrate any shifts your wish to nurture.


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