• Sophia Ocean

Yes and No

‘Yes' and ‘no', two of the most defining words in our language. One opens our being to a possibility and the other creates boundaries, both are needed but it is easy to become confused when to utilize the power of each.

So often our past experiences create stories that stop us from really being present to what is being offered, and we say 'no' because of fear of being seen in the vulnerability of our authenticity, not feeling enough we feed the lie that we are not worthy of our dreams, our dharma, our truth.

So often we can say ‘yes' because of the fear of disappointing another, loosing approval or acceptance and then end up overwhelmed and diminished from giving energy where there wasn’t energy to give.

Take a moment to connect to the feeling and the power of your authentic ‘Yes’. Imagine something you would love to say ‘yes!’ to and breathe into that sensation until it is connected vibrantly in your body. How does this shift your energy?

Take a moment to connect to your ‘No’. Imagine something that is important for you to say ‘no’ to and breathe into it with strength and courage, feel how this creates a boundary which allows you to cultivate your energy where you truly wish to focus it. Can you feel a clarity and peace of mind created by claiming your will power to make healthy choices?

The sweet spot to know your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ is alive! It is not ridged but a quality of fullness that comes from meeting your deepest needs with honesty and care. Some choices are easier to make than others and that is why time in nature by yourself is essential for you to reflect in a totally natural state, not being influenced by others.

To activate a deeper connection to your ‘yes’ and ‘no’ take a moment to stop throughout your day just before you make a choice and feel into what your body is saying, where do you feel open, where do you feel closed, what choice aligns you with a vital inner peace beyond any conditioned or reactive response?

Sometimes we need a break away from our day to day to reset our internal compass so we can really listen to our process. Retreats are amazing opportunities to reset our systems and start back with a fresh, clear and empowered approach to life.


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